Friday, January 30, 2009

Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part I

That was the name of an old Ian Dury hit:

Great new results from the Heidelberg lab :

Bogdan T: has got his peptide confinement simulations EXPLAINED
Petra I: has got her group REALLY productive recently
Jan-H.: has a completely new representation of ligand binding pathways
Emal A: has a lot to write about for his thesis chapter
Mai Z.: understands those DNA sequence-dependent free energy plots now
Tomasz B.: has done so many different calculations he's falling over them
Xiaohu H.: has seen phase transitions in water induced by an electric field
Thomas S: discovered the SUPERCLOSED state of actin
Isabella D.: has the first comprehensive simulation explanation of peptide folding fluorescence
Thomas N.: has now got time-averaged continuous time random walks understood.
Lipi T: is getting close to convergence with her peptides
Jakob U: wowed us all with an action-packed seminar on his peptide membrane insertion
Nadia E: got some excellent DFG reviewer reports and VW looks promising
Mithun B: is getting closer to understanding DNA elasticity theory
Karine V.: had a kid last week! (and found DNA unwinding in the nucleosome)
Marie: was definitely more cheerful in January than last October!
Sebastian F: has done THOUGHTFUL work on speeding up sampling.
Dennis G.: has shown that the protein glass transition is water-model-independent
Dieter K.: has a whizzo new graphical program that represents conformational kinetics

..did I miss anything or anyone?

Part II (Tennessee) comes soon.....