Monday, January 30, 2017

The Trump Travel Ban

OK, here's a "drunk blog". I may regret it in the morning.

I don't like too many immigrants, even though I am one. The reason is I don't like them is that immigration is fueling the population explosion in the USA and this is leading to environmental stress.

And I don't like terrorists. 57 virgins? Good luck with that.

And I don't mind 'racial profiling'. Makes sense to me.

And I don't cow-tow to this 'welcoming refugees' soppiness (although I do think that, having been a major initiator of their distress, we should do a hell of a lot more to alleviate their problems wherever they happen to be right now).

But a blanket ban on LEGAL immigrants? On scholars? Entrepreneurs? SCIENTISTS?

An INDISCRIMINATE blanket ban?

The collateral damage is just too great from this one.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome back to the Dark Ages

Just finished watching Theresa May's "Brexit speech".  So a "hard Brexit" it is then. She claims Britain cannot remain in the single market because then it would be "just as if we hadn't left". Not true, Theresa. The UK voted to leave the EU, and that is exactly what a soft Brexit, in which the UK remains in the single market and accepts free movement of people, would do. The UK voted very narrowly to leave, by 51% to 48%. The narrowness of this victory should obviously be interpreted as a vote for a soft Brexit.

Now I agree with all who state that the EU has failed miserably in protecting its borders. Putting in place practical measures to strengthen this should be central to talks. But May's speech shows that the wingnut, Empire-harking  isolationists have taken over the Government, in a foretaste of  years of political uncertainty in the UK; years of efforts wasted in massive renegotiations that could have been avoided.

Welcome back, the Dark Ages.