Thursday, June 24, 2010

College Athletics Spending - purely a business.

Ray Cannon in his Tennessee football uniform in 1939. UT won the SEC that year.

Thanks to Splette for this link to an article berating colleges for spending too much on athletics.

I'm not against big spending on college athletics as long as it is cost beneficial to academics, in other words as long as academics makes a profit from the athletics. For some of the smaller colleges this does not appear to be happening.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

High-School Rebirth

Another personal note....

What a pleasure to see one's high school saved!

Poor old Earlham School in Norwich, where I spent six years in the 1970s, was ranked academically 51st out of 52 high schools in Norfolk in 2008 and was also consistently one of the lowest ranking schools in the whole of England, seemingly destined for closure and oblivion.

Now, however, it has been been resuscitated as "City Academy Norwich" with much improved results. Aaaah, so our fond memories of soccer at break time with a tennis ball and who-knows-what behind the bike sheds shall not be despoiled!

Maybe I should even send my own daughter there now?

Wishing the old alma mater the best of luck.