Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Snap UK Election

So Theresa May has called a snap general election in the UK. A sorry affair. Sadly, she will have scant opposition. This is regretful, given her stance destroying Britain's relationship with Europe. The British only very narrowly (52:48) voted to leave the EU. This means that, of the various choices, a Soft Brexit should have been pursued, in which the free trade area is maintained. In contrast, though, May and her cohort have insisted on a Hard Brexit, effectively cutting all ties, which will do irreparable damage to the UK. This is clearly against the will of the people.

But opposition to her party has imploded.  The Labour party is useless, failing to oppose Brexit, and with a deeply unpopular Marxist leader who even his own parliamentarians hate. Nationalist UKIP has no further reason to exist. The Lib Dems, the only politicians talking any sense these days, will profit but are a tiny parliamentary party.

Things look grim in the Sceptered Isle.

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