Monday, August 2, 2010

BMW Owners - you can tell 'em anywhere.

Here are some of the cars I have owned over the years.

The first was a Citroen 2CV:

followed by a Renault 4L:

then came the AMC Hornet, Renault 5, Ford Escort and Opel Corsa. All the above were low budget cars for people who just need to occasionally pootle from A to B.

However, now I have 2006 BMW 330Ci:

An improvement you might think? Well, maybe from some perspectives, but, apparently, not the social viewpoint. According to a recent article, BMW owners are almost universally despised, and this holds for whatever country the poor owner happens to be in.

Here's a quote:

"The bad rap is worldwide, of course. In the UK we are informed by the boys from Top Gear that BMW drivers are "[expletive deleted]s" (though I think they have since decided those people drive Audi's instead). In Australia they are known as "[expletive deleted]s". And even in Tajikistan the dialect, while somewhat difficult to translate directly into English, refers to them as "[expletive deleted] with [expletive deleted] on a yak's [expletive deleted] to your mother's [expletive deleted]"."

Hmm....maybe I should trade it in for a Rolls Royce???

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