Monday, February 2, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part II

Great new results from the Tennessee lab:

Xiaolin C. - has now solid DOE funding.
Jerome B - has recruited a great postdoc (Barbara)
Hong G. - was tenured.
Hao-Bo G. - is cranking out the neutron spin-echo protein simulation to very long times
Moumita S. - has discovered a cellulase reaction mechanism.
Jiancong X. - has characterised cellulosome cohesin-dockerin binding
Roland S. - scaled MD to 30,000 processors on the Jaguar supercomputer.
Krishnan - has understood methyl rotor responses to ligand binding.
Jerry P - has a Mer B mechanism in excellent agreement with experiment
Nikolai S - is beginnning to produce neutron plots
Barbara C - looks like she can screen 150 million ligands on Jaguar
Barmak M - got his badge
Benjamin L - has rejuvenated the SASSIM program and shown how cellulose diffracts

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